PNG is an exciting country for a walking holiday.
Apart from the diverse and scenic geographic terrain a major attraction is passing through rural villages and meeting traditionally oriented people living subsistence lifestyles in their tribal groups.
The number of outsiders they meet walking through their lands every year is miniscule and trekking in these areas you will surely come across young children who have never seen an outsider before.
Our local guide walks with you on all treks, and the level of resourcing varies from package to package: on high-traffic walking routes like the Kokoda Track almost all food and equipment for your group is carried in by a team of porters because the villages don't have the capacity to feed regular trekking groups, whereas walking independently as a solo or couple in more remote areas your guide will arrange a lot of village food en route which gives you a great local experience and reduces the number of porters you need (and the trip cost).
For all trekking we provide full backup from our Port Moresby office... your guide carries a local mobile phone, supplemented in off-network areas with a satellite phone, so that our offfice staff will be just a phone call away 24 hours a day in case of emergency or change of plans.

For bookings and enquiries please e-mail us in the first instance at ecotourism.melanesia@gmail.com

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General information about independent touring in PNG can be found here.

What's the difference between a hike and a trek? A HIKE is generally a walk of not more than one or two days duration along established roads and footpaths / walking tracks. A TREK is a multi-day walk, often over more difficult terrain where there may not always be a cleared path. We could say that a trek is a series of hikes joined together.



EM10B Walk the Kokoda Track 9 nights (group bookings only)

EM29 Walk the Bulldog Track 9 nights (group bookings only)
Yes Kokoda is a walk in the park compared to the Bulldog Track!



EM60 Simbai Remote Trekking 4 nights


EM15A Tufi Fjords Hike and Paddle 5 nights Fri-Wed

EM15B Tufi Fjords Hike and Paddle 5 nights Wed-Mon

EM15C Tufi Fjords Hike and Paddle 5 nights Mon-Sat

Tufi area map


EM20 Koiari jungle villages trek 6 days 5 nights (NEW!)


EM77 Climb Mt Wilhelm 3 nights


EM9A Climb Mt Albert Edward 7 nights

We also cater to special requests for:
Climbing other mountains (and volcanoes)
Jungle safaris
Bamboo river raftin
Extended 2-3 weeks remote area treks


1. To book one of our TREKKING packages, just send us an e-mail with your preferred dates of travel and we will invoice you for a booking deposit.

2. The deposit required for booking an independent TREKKING package advertised on this page or elsewhere on our website is 10% of the package price if booking more than 6 months out, or 20% if booking within 6 months of the arrival date. The final balance is due 6 weeks before arrival.

3. Cancellation penalties:
Cancellation more than 6 weeks before the tour: full refund
Cancellation less than 6 weeks before the tour: loss of deposit
Cancellation less than 3 weeks before the tour: 50% penalty
Cancellation less than 1 week before the tour: 75% penalty
No show or cancellation or abandonment of the tour after arrival: no refund. Further, any component of your tour package that you refuse, cancel or otherwise fail to avail yourself of by choice during the course of the trip is deemed non-refundable. We recommend you purchase travel insurance at the time of booking. Your travel insurer may reimburse you for cancellation penalties under certain circumstances. .

4. Earlybird payment discounts may be available for some tour packages if you pay in full at the time of booking more than 6 months in advance of arrival.

5. Pricing: We are currently migrating all our pricing from local currency to USD. Any programs with prices quoted in PGK are not yet updated and are subject to re-quote in USD before booking.

6. See also the terms and conditions printed on page 2 of your quotation

For enquiries, questions and queries e-mail us at ecotourism.melanesia@gmail.com